Profiting from Digital Footprints

Everywhere we go and in everything we do, we usually leave digital records behind. Our “digital footprints” indicate what media we see, what questions we ask, what plans we make, what excites us enough to share with friends, where we go, what we buy, and what we see.

These digital traces of our behavior present an opportunity for much more accurate measurement of media and marketing ROI. However the data are messy — unstructured, nested, riddled with missing values and generally noisy. Plus there often are more data than can be easily managed. As a result, most firms are struggling to make productive use of the digital footprints that their customers make visible to them. Nevertheless, there is palpable excitement about the ways that “Big Data” can turbocharge business information.

At Nomos, we embrace the growth of these new data streams but also caution that they often are better at telling us “what” than “why”. Smart businesses integrate passive observational data with inputs from other, more traditional research approaches to get the insights that can guide marketing, new product development, and strategy.

Expertise Includes

  • Measurement and monetization of cross-media audiences
  • Harmonizing “big data” with conventional market research methods
  • Identifying relevant KPIs and metrics for advertising, marketing or policy
  • Developing business opportunities from consumer trends
  • Using 21st Century research methods to solve real-world problems
  • Translating technical subjects into easy-to-understand language

Recent Engagements:

  • Strategic assessment of product portfolio for global research company
  • Executive interviews with CEOs of media companies and ad agencies
  • Meta-analysis of peer-reviewed technical literature on the neuroscience of reading and of differences between reading on paper and reading on screen
  • Critical assessment of existing methods of measuring engagement on multiple devices
  • Strategic review (for investment bank) of market strengths & weaknesses of marketing service and ad tech companies
  • Analysis of the impact of machine-learning technology and digital data on
    • The structure of job opportunities in market research & applied social sciences
    • New research questions & methods that can be broached
    • Curriculum and research options in future-facing graduate education programs
  • Comparison of time-based measures of audience engagement to alternative methods
  • Overview of methods used to measure viewable impressions on websites and impact on web ad inventories

Nomos partners with like-minded companies as engagements require.