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A selection of Nomos’ public-domain articles, presentations and videos covering such topics as cross-platform media measurement, advertising effectiveness, consumer media behavior, generational change and the shift from conventional research methods to those premised upon Big Data.

Explaining Variability in Issue-Specific Magazine Audiences.

In 2007 MRI introduced issue-specific audience estimates for US magazines. But do the data make sense? Do the fluctuations in audience correspond to sales or circulation? This somewhat wonky paper from 2009 shows that most of the variability remains unexplained. Download Article: Explaining Issue-to-Issue Audience...

Through the Window of Neuroscience.

How do our minds differ in processing TV ads versus print ads? What does it tell us about the best ways of using both media to achieve maximum ROI? An exploration from 2005 using ZMET and network analytics. Download Article: Through the Window of Neuroscience...